Google Riddle – Amazing Innovation

There has been hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, Pod cast, news commentary, pertaining to how Google has become the giant that it is today. I have read and listened too many of them. Several of them have been boring, with no real meat, and are repetitious to say the least. But an article I read recently really hit the nail on the head, and I wanted to draw a little more attention to the ideas of why Google is Google, and why they will be around for a long time.Google itself is an amazing business, that goes without saying, but still something I feel can not be said enough. But I am not referring to their ability to go from 500 million to 10.5 billion in under 4 years (yes this is impressive, but it’s been hashed over thousands of times).What I am referring to, is their constant ability to find new talent and new services to offer. I would like to include what I think is one of the most important parts of Google, and that is creating an environment, inside the company, and outside the company for innovation and advancement in the world. They are to date one of the biggest supporters of open source; on top of that they are the biggest financial backers to make information free for the masses on the internet.But why are they such big supporters of free and open source advancements?This article that I read really goes in depth about why Google does this, and it’s something that I really never considered or even gave much thought to. It’s referred to as “Complimentary Genius”. Anything that is software, technology, internet, etc is a complement to the core of Google.A good example is Hot Dogs and mustard, if Hot Dogs suddenly became freebie items, then the sells of mustard would skyrocket, this is because they are both complimentary to each other. Google I think, in some form or another, has realized this, and found that if they push and fund a project, that is complimentary to their core business, it will increase their market share. Now, if they make said project free to the masses, well that brings even more people on to the internet, and gives Google another boost.Google’s Competition – Why it’s hard, if not impossible for technology based companies to take it downRight now to watch Microsoft fight so fiercely to be a competitor with Google, is highly counter productive. Microsoft’s entire business as a whole is nothing but a compliment to Google. Why fight against Google, in the internet arena that Google created. “All technology roads, lead to Google.” Whatever Microsoft does in the world, from creating a new operating system, to releasing a new software update for an older product, will only bring more people online, and ultimately to Google. A long time ago I stopped going to the Microsoft’s Knowledge base. I learned that the websites search engine was incredibly inefficient, and in most cases I never found a fix for whatever I was searching for. Now a days, whenever I have a problem with a Microsoft product, I go online and head to Google, type in the error and research the issue and fix it. Most of time the search leads me to Microsoft Knowledge Base, but Google’s search is much more relevant then the pathetic one used on Microsoft’s own website.Google Revenue – Nothing new here – Just a light recap99% of Google’s revenue comes from networking advertising. The idea is based on, if not stole from, search engine GoTo. The original process ranked its search ads according to the size of the advertiser’s bids. Google used this process and added another dimension to the process, and perfected the idea. They added the ability to target ads for specific searches. If someone is searching for shoes they don’t want to see ads about cars, they want ads about shoes. Fairly simple and logical idea, nothing to complex about it, and with this the golden child called Google, entered into the stock market and investors have loved it since.Google & Co, Microsoft, and other Companies – ConclusionsIn order for Microsoft to be competitive again they need to do some serious reorganization to the business they have already created. This article was not made to go in to depth about what I think Microsoft would be best doing to combat Google. Even I am rooting for Google, but if Google manages to get rid of the competition it has, and buys up any innovative programs and companies that come out, well that in itself will become a big issue.

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